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In a hotel, businessmen and visitors are from around the world. Visual messaging becomes a universal language to everyone and visualized aspects are always the beginning of customer experience. With Top Vista, you have the knowledge of how a visual digital signage solution can be implemented and benefited to the hospitality industry.

With our features of schedule management tool, you are able to flexibly manage the display contents of different screens installed in diverse locations from a headquartered point. For example, self-service kiosks in lobby can increase the awareness of amenities of the hotel from potential customers while a large digital panel can offer daily event list of each banquet room. Hotel management can enjoy a more efficient communication channel to reach all guests throughout a designated venue or the entire property.


  • Events and amenities in hotel
  • Live information of weather forecast, news reports and exchange rate
  • Customized display contents for special events and visitors
  • Distribution of different contents to each banquet room via in-house network
  • Integration of interactive mobile technology (touch-screen, QR code, NFC)


  • A 7x24 concierge
  • Centralized content and schedule management
  • Enhancement of customer experiences
  • Increased sales amount through higher awareness of in-hotel offerings
  • Potential advertising incomes
  • Improvement of productivity of in-hotel staff
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