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eyecon digital screens

Revolution of Communication, Interaction and Promotion

We share your business concerns and we renew the approach of digital signage. Our working out-of-the- box solutions provide a perfect channel to engage with your most valuable asset - your customers.

Eyecon Digital Screens is a 100% original software and doesn't use any costly proprietary hardware. One-time license fee is required only and all-round warranty supports are included.

With a web-based digital signage system, you can reach all signage systems from headquarter office via any Internet browsers on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Eyecon Digital Screens helps you to manage the signage content "from the background" without interrupting your on-going businesses.

Drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG capabilities make Eyecon design interface easy to use. Resolutions up to 5760 x 5760 pixels and built-in multiple design layers on a single page enhance the quality, flexibility and impressions of your content that you want people to address.

Rich Content Resources
With Eyecon Digital Screens, you can deploy a wide variety of media types to deliver rich messages to audiences. No special editing is required before adding your existing marketing materials to the design, which streamlines your workflow and ensure content is always fresh.

Flexible Signage Scheduling
Content scheduling in Eyecon is more than a simple playlist management but couldn't be easier. Drag-and- drop your content pages to the calendar-based timelines. As well, you can prioritize special signage content to be displayed on a particular date and time.

Powerful Event Management
Event Management helps you arrange all event details to avoid confusion in venues bookings. Designated display pages can be channeled to monitors in different venues for different events. Customized postings requested by your clients can also be added to the specific templates.

Right Message, Right Persons and Right Time
An integral database is provided for storing and grouping menu items, price and in-store messages. You can fully control the "sold-out status" and deliver real-time messages in just a click. Weather information and currency exchange rates can also be updated constantly from Internet.

Keep An Eye Everywhere
Even when thousands of signage are deployed, you can simply eye the performance of all systems through Internet from everywhere. An alert notice will be sent to your email whenever a signage player is operating abnormally. Administrators can also check the log reports for details of occurrences.

Click-and-Use Templates
To get digital signage started, all you need to do is to pick up one ready-made animated template from our library and adjust the text and images. It is perfect for any businesses because neither programming skills nor inventive design ideas are needed.

Built-in user-friendly Eyecon Touch features make it easy to create interactive interfaces and to experience simply by clicking and flicking. Any items on the design platform can be set to touchable buttons for users to trigger signage content.

Integrating Your System
Eyecon Digital Screens has reserved web API for 3rd-party systems integration. Devices with different operating systems can also manage the content displayed on digital boards. For example, an input from Point-of-Sales system can instantly change display menu, edit menu price and manage "sold-out" status.

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