In-store self-service kiosks
Integration of interactive mobile technology
Real-time messages to in-store customers
Digital demonstrations of specific products and services
Higher awareness of products with higher profit margin

We love shopping, but not spending comfortably; we like receiving more information of sales and products but not being sold to. Consumers nowadays expect a better shopping experience when they enter a store. Top Vista offers a digital signage solution with a combination of advertising, marketing, information and entertainment.  Digital Signage system can address customer’s attention to something new and assist them immediately. This new marketing network supports retailers educating customers and reforming their shopping patterns and behaviour. Selling a product is a short-term profit; while influencing customer shopping practice is long-lasting.

Our retail turnkey solution is capable of handling complex and dynamic graphics, animations and interactive communication interface. With our ready-made templates, promotional announcements can be deployed to chain stores presently and timely. Top Vista’s retail solution does not only help retailers keeping in-store operating costs under control, but also improving the productivity of in-store employees. In addition, with an electronic board at the checkout counter, shopping enjoyment for customers can be increased through minimizing their perceived waiting time.


  • The best selling tool of your business
  • Centralized content and schedule management
  • Increasing sales
  • Real-time update of customized, fresh and bold contents
  • Reduction of perceived transaction waiting time
  • Higher customer retention