Digital Menu Board
Interactive mobile technology
Instant and remote update of dishes and prices
Sold-out control

Traditional printed menu is just a presentation of food and beverage. With the invention of digital signage, more appealing menus and higher service standards of catering industry can be offered. The prevalence of digital menu board in recent years proved that most consumers having positive experiences would like to spend more on food and drinks. Restaurant owners can also provide nutrition labelling of each meal as a way to enhance unified brand image.

Quick-Service Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards developed by Top Vista offers a powerful control platform to handle numerous digital screens in different chain of restaurants from a remote location. Our drag-and-drop web-based content management interface can support you modifying the display menus of designated chain of restaurants, with a minimal amount of time and effort. Is there anything easier than pressing a button? With an inventory management module, on-site staff can change the availability of items by just a click. This digital signage solution can also easily be integrated with your POS or other 3rd-party system.

Restaurants and Bars

Customer expectations are always crucial. No one loves waiting. Digital menu board is a solution to distract customers attention in their waiting time. It contains a rich and vibrant display which can highlight special dishes and provide interactive entertainments. Also, our queuing module supports your restaurant staff to manage the queues systematically. Using Top Vista’s solution can schedule full menus and seasonal promotions based on time, days, weeks or even months as a means to minimize the usage of printings and papers.


  • The best selling tool of your business
  • Centralized content and schedule management
  • Unlimited storage of menu designs
  • Minimized the costs and time of making menu changes
  • Higher operational efficiency of in-store staff