Central Management


A centrally managed and locally updatable content management system allows for message refinement that creates a unique,
personal way of communicating to audiences.


Central Management

Easy to control thousands of players in a single web interface with excellent organizational structure

Monitor Grouping

Easy to manage players and monitors by defining different monitor groups

Content Scheduling

Schedule and distribute contents by day parts, days, weeks or nodes at your discretionary.

Real Time Data Broadcasting

Deliver data from headend to unlimited number of players without any delay

Virtual Layout

Divide the screens into multiple regions to display different contents

Dynamic Contents Display

An eye-catching animated content displayed on the screen to attract audience attention

Content Management

Drag and drop to arrange content
Display signage contents by Schedules
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Flexible Signage Scheduling

Content scheduling in Eyecon is more than a simple playlist management but couldn’t be easier. Drag-and-drop your content pages to the calendar-based timelines. As well, you can prioritize special signage content to be displayed on a particular date and time.

Easy to Access

With a web-based digital signage system, you can reach all signage systems from headquarter office via any internet browsers on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Live Programme

Live Programme enables instant change of the display content.

Various Types of Information

Images, videos, website, live stream, templates and Rolling messages could be displayed.

Monitoring tools

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Real Time Player and Gateway Monitoring
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